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2013 Senior Program, Here we go!


Please visit this page to fill out your form! It is now that the time has come to give away some awesome discounts and sessions to the senior class of 2013.
If you have any problems with the form here, go to the website www.redbricksphoto.com and fill it out there. Sorry ahead of time!

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Freebie…I think so!

So with the new year, I always like to update my portrolio! This year my main focus is Boudiour, which is great as Valentines Day is coming up! If there are any ladies that would like a free session, valued at $100.00 I would like to provide one or two sessions to a couple of lucky ladies. With this session I will also give you a digital copy of 5-8 of the portraits. This can either be done in the comfort of your own home or in the studio with me, Mary as your photographer. Please call me at 937-689-1123 or email me at mary@cherolis.com

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New year…How it has been so far.

As we are already getting to the end of January I finally set down to say Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the first month of January has been treating you well. If you are in Ohio the weather isn’t to bad for January. Lets hope that stays that way! I would like to let everyone know (if not already!) that I am expecting my second child at the end of February! My husband David and I will be having a boy, Leo. So my 20 month old Luci will be a big sister. It will be a busy place around here to say the least. We are also doing “studio” work to keep this historic home going for many more years, so that is keeping me busy too. In the last few months I have painted a wall for a backdrop and just recently I went a little nutty and had some fun with a few new items for the studio. I look forward to hearing from everyone, ready to get my bebe collection families back in and see how the little ones have grown and much more!

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Flying into Fall with 2011 specials!

2011 Fall Portrait Special

2011 Fall Family Portrait Special

As the summer is coming to an end and fall is beginning I wanted to announce my fall promotion specials. It is a great time of the year for portraits with the fall colors appearing, the cooler temperatures and the bugs are finally gone – hooray! Take advantage of this great value over my regular prices to get a long overdue family portrait done, your child’s portraits and the list can go on!

Here it is…

Oct 1st and 2nd, 2011

at Cox Arboretum


1 hour photo session
1 8×10
24 wallets or holiday cards(25)
($260 value!)

Call Today, Limited sessions!


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Operation Love ReUnited

As always a huge reason I became a photographer! Two wonder ful military wives and military mommas came to have me capture a moment for them to pass onto their husbands overseas. What is even more important to me is when I hear how the solider receiving there free book is surprised and says “How did you do this being able to hid this from me, I love all the portraits and can’t wait to be back with my girls!” Along with Operation Love I just joined two other volunteer photographer programs and can’t wait to photograph a session for each. Once I have I will defiantly share moments from them! Hopefully I will be able to share soon!

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The Tassel is worth the Hassle. Seniors 2012

Just a couple of the Senior 2012 Representatives. Jessica and Ashley had a blast with their portraits, Jess decided to take the additional freebie and get her hair done at Urban Loft in Miamisburg right down the street from us! Our two featured ladies go to Centerville High School and Miamisburg High School, so hit them up for the rep discount from them for FREE wallets if you go to either of these schools or well if you can track them down! School is just around the corner so get your senior portraits done before school starts to get additional discounts at Red Bricks Photography! 937-689-1123

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A Family is a Gift that Lasts forever…

One thing about being a photographer is you never know what you are going to be photographing and it changes each day! In the last few months I have gone from doing portraits as never forgotten Mother’s Day gift, portraits of the love between sisters and their longtime friend and dog, Buddy. As well as capturing the Haas family poolside to sitting at the fireplace in there lovely home. The adventures keep going to photographing my pride and joy Luci in the studio to try to live up to my “mom” and “photographer” duties of I must take a lot of portraits of my child since it is my job. Oh how I wish I had the time to live up to my Bebe Collection of portraits throughout the year of her!

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Look at our Seniors!!

I enjoy photographing high school seniors, as everyone has different styles and personalities. I feel with all my models I can bring out there styles and attitudes in the portraits! We are always looking for new models, as we are getting ready to start photographing the 2012 Seniors! SOOOO seniors to be, parents of seniors to be take a look here!
Want to get your Senior Photo session almost for free?

Want to have some great images for Facebook, and your MySpace portfolios?

Want to get free prints and photo albums?

Then our Senior Rep Program may be for you.

We are launching our Senior Representative program for 2012 and are looking reps from area schools.. Here is the deal if you are selected:

To Start:

-One free on-location and/or studio portrait session.

-Up to ten electronic files for sharing for your Facebook, or MySpace, etc (with our logo on it).

-Up to 40 referral cards to share with your friends, each with your portrait, name, information

about our studio plus a discount of 10% to the person presenting your referral card. (see below for benefits that come with each referral).

-10% off print orders from the Senior Portrait Rep’s senior session

Now for the good part

– Each referral you get $10 gift card for Target or a $25 print credit. After five referrals you also receive:

Fifth referral you get:

-One 8×10, two 5×7, and 12 wallet prints of your choice, one pose from your Senior Portrait Rep’s senior session.

Tenth referral you get:

-Choice of one 8×8 or two 6×6 20 page hardcover album(s) with 20 full page photos from the senior session -10% off print orders from the Senior Portrait Rep’s senior session.

-For the girls we are now offering a salon appointment with hair and makeup for your model session!(sorry boys)

The classmate(s) must present a referral card or mention your name in order to be eligible. All referred classmates will

receive free 48 wallets from his or her session with a valid referral card. Your participation in the program will not only introduce you to a new way for cutting edge, personalized photography, but also a way to earn incentive toward your session for senior portraits at little or no cost.

Terms and conditions are listed below for all Senior Portrait Representatives. All photo

sessions must be completed by the end of July, 2011 and ordered by the end of August,2011.

Please follow this link to fill out your Senior Representative Application


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My future assistant 6mths

I have plans for my little Luci already! But for now she will just be my little model. She is now closer to 8mths, but being a photographer my clients have to come first before I edit my own family portraits. As usual though any parent likes to show off there kiddos, so here are a few portraits of my favorite(and only) child Lucile.

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Blake-Miamisburg Senior

Blake-Miamisburg Senior.

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