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Happy 2013 ! Sneak peak of 2012 wedding…


Welcome to a new year, which means newly engaged couples. Congrats! Red Bricks has a great year planned ahead of them with some exciting weddings already booked along with some other fun and exciting sessions that I see looking ahead. I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and have a prosperous new year. Happy 2013 to all previous clients and new clients to be this coming year.

“How lucky can one guy be…” – Dean Martin

Wow what a year so far, I believe I am seeing white wedding dresses in my dreams. Here is a start to our year of weddings and engagements. In the next couple of months there will be more to come as I seem to be photographing a wedding almost every weekend. Such a sweet time for two people in love. I seem to notice a pattern, many of the portraits that I photograph brings smiles and tears to the ones photographed along with family and friends. Now off to get ready for a wedding this weekend!

The Dayton Event Connection

During the month of Febuary Red Bricks provided a small booth at the The Dayton Event Connection, in Dayton. Such a wonderful group we have joined and partnered up with! If you are getting married and need more assistance with finding your vendors, talk to me and we will get you setup with them to find the other important people you will need the day of your wedding, even to schedule your honeymoon!

Freebie…I think so!

So with the new year, I always like to update my portrolio! This year my main focus is Boudiour, which is great as Valentines Day is coming up! If there are any ladies that would like a free session, valued at $100.00 I would like to provide one or two sessions to a couple of lucky ladies. With this session I will also give you a digital copy of 5-8 of the portraits. This can either be done in the comfort of your own home or in the studio with me, Mary as your photographer. Please call me at 937-689-1123 or email me at

New year…How it has been so far.

As we are already getting to the end of January I finally set down to say Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the first month of January has been treating you well. If you are in Ohio the weather isn’t to bad for January. Lets hope that stays that way! I would like to let everyone know (if not already!) that I am expecting my second child at the end of February! My husband David and I will be having a boy, Leo. So my 20 month old Luci will be a big sister. It will be a busy place around here to say the least. We are also doing “studio” work to keep this historic home going for many more years, so that is keeping me busy too. In the last few months I have painted a wall for a backdrop and just recently I went a little nutty and had some fun with a few new items for the studio. I look forward to hearing from everyone, ready to get my bebe collection families back in and see how the little ones have grown and much more!

Goin’ to the Chapel

Going to the Chapel…

So I had a chance to photograph a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! When I have a bride and groom that say you photograph what you want, that is a photographers dream. For this Cincinnati couple we had a great day with wonderful weather for a wedding. As always the reception was beautiful at Yankee Trace Golf Club! Congratulations to the newlyweds! I am keeping my fingers crossed that my upcoming weddings will be cooler for everyone!

Little Ones filled with Love…

Families, Babies and puppies! Every session is filled with such memories, as our little ones grow into adults so quickly! I had such a fun time with my puppy session, as these were some of my easiest models I have ever had. Not only did these “babies” not cry they stayed all together for there portrait session! Red Bricks offers a variety of styles of family and childrens photography. We also offer our Bebe Collection for all newborns and there pregnant mamma’s just months before. After that we have our Sprout Program for the kiddos as they get older and don’t forget our family portaits outside and on location.(if it ever stops raining!)

Red Bricks Weddings!

Although the ground was full of snow and it hasn’t stopped raining, Red Bricks Photography had some glowing brides the past few months! Along with some wonderful kiddos and crazy wedding parties we photographed some great weddings. Nothing like flying in for your engagement portraits and to see your sweet. One of our summer weddings gave us a tour of the runway while we took some thrilling portraits of Blake and Anna! With weddings you never know what you are going to get into!

Need Models for 2011!!

We have so many cool, new things in the works right now!! I know this is going to be a long post…sorry! LOL We are updating a lot of stuff on our website for 2011 and we’re creating some new samples for some fun new things we’ll be featuring later this year but I’m in need of some cool people to model for us in the meantime. I’m willing to negotiate our normal rates in exchange for the ability to get these photo shoots done in the next few months and use the images in our advertising and other new sample products. (It will be the deal of a lifetime for a few lucky people!!) I’m sure that you or someone you know falls into at least one of these categories so spread the word! Here’s everything I’m looking for:

Trash the dress – if you’ve seen the trash the dress website and want to book a fun session for this year, e-mail me! We’re looking for more TTD couples to feature on our website, blog !

What is a Trash the Dress Session?
Now that the wedding is over, you have two choices of what to do with the dress. You can suffocate it in a plastic bag and hope that your daughter will want to wear it in 20 years, or you can put it back on and have some fun.

Do I have to really trash it?
Of course not! It’s just a fun session to do when you have more time than the day of the wedding or a situation you wouldn’t dare do the day of the wedding. Sure you can get a little risky with it, like splashing in water or riding horseback in the snow since the fear of getting it dirty is over, but you don’t have to.

Can I still do a session if you didn’t shoot my wedding?
Absolutely! We can certainly add a little spice to your wedding collection even if we didn’t cover the actual event. This is the perfect opportunity to add a different style to your wedding photos and some out of the ordinary locations.

Boudoir – we’ve recently started advertising our boudoir images but even though our style is “tasteful boudoir” not all of our clients are comfortable with their images being posted online. Yet many times when women e-mail me, they want to see samples of our past work…catch 22. So if you’re someone who has wanted to do a boudoir session and you don’t mind your images being posted on our blog, website and other forms of advertising, e-mail me! (Don’t worry, no nudity is involved)

Maternity – if you are 6-9 months pregnant and showing the baby bump, e-mail me! We need some more new maternity samples to show for 2010. And don’t worry, I’m a pro at removing stretch marks and unsightly things so don’t let that stop you from having an awesome maternity photo shoot! LOL

Cool baby nurseries – along the same lines…if you are preparing to welcome your new baby into the world and have an adorable nursery set up for him or her, e-mail me your pics and I’ll be choosing a few nurseries to photograph soon to help promote some new products we’ll be offering for our clients and their families!

Pets – if your pets are your babies and you want to make them famous, here’s your chance! Our new website will be featuring a variety of pets and the funny things we capture them doing. Email me if your pet is ready for their close up.

Seniors – we are looking for juniors who will be seniors this Fall and/or current high school seniors who would like to be a senior rep for us. We would LOVE to do a photo shoot with a whole group of seniors – preferably a fun, outgoing group of friends – who also wouldn’t mind being filmed by a film crew. Anyone interested?

Boudoir portraits: Our boudoir sessions are $250 and include myself (Mary) as your photographer. We can do your shoot at your home or at a nice hotel (hotel fees are extra) and we allow an unlimited number of outfit changes during your 2-3 hour photo shoot. We shoot an unlimited number of images during your shoot too and then post all of them on a password protected website so that you can view and order images afterwards. The boudoir package also includes 20 retouched 5×5’s of your favorite shots in a small black album, perfect for wrapping up for your hubby! We will typically arrive a few minutes early for boudoir sessions so that we can decide on where we’ll actually shoot and take a look at your clothing choices. It’s better to start with a soft look and go more dramatic with clothing, hair & make-up as the shoot progresses so we’ll help you determine the order of “looks” with your various outfits.

Our TTD photo shoots include a 2-3 hour photo shoot at up to 3 locations with an unlimited number of images taken during your photo shoot. All images will be posted on a password-protected website for online viewing & ordering. We also include 1 11×14 and 2 8×10 enlargements as well as a small black album of 20 retouched 5×5’s of your favorite images! For all of this it comes to $275! (Drycleaning, preservation and floral fees extra)