Meet Mary and Dave


Hello and Welcome!


Thank you for taking the time to introduce ourselves.  At Red Bricks Photography we offer a variety of forms of art.  One of our main passions is photography, while the other being videography.

My name is Mary Cherolis, and first I’m so thankful for the opportunities that God has given me throughout life.  I am the owner and master photographer of Red Bricks Photography.  Growing up with a camera in my hand and falling in love with capturing life I went to the highly acclaimed Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology in Dayton, OH. graduating there in 2002. Second I have the honor of spending my life with my best friend and my best supporter for the studio, my husband.  Together we own our historic downtown portrait studio with our family of a little girl named Luci and our baby boy Leo.

My name is David Cherolis and I too am blessed with the opportunities that I have been given throughout life.  One of my main passions in life has been working in the field of medicine.  While the other has been the different works of art, my wife blessed me by bringing it into my life.  Finding out that I had the gift of photography alongside Mary I felt it was time to explore other loves, such as videography.  TP Videography specializes Event Videography. I record and display your  event for time memoriam. In the past years we have provided the art of videography to weddings, corporate events as well as documentaries. Every video is customized to your needs with music, slideshows to create what is desired.

Unlike any chain studio from the way your portraits and video are created to the way our clients are treated you will see that personal touch. All of our portraits and video have one on one attention coming proofed to you with artwork already done.  Please visit our blog to see one reason why this is a passion of ours, as we are part of nonprofit photography organizations and are around for many community events.

We would love to share our love for photography and video with you by giving you images that your family will cherish forever!  If you love the artwork we offer on our site  we would love to talk to you about your plans, your family or your wedding day!  Feel free to call or email and we will be in touch!