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These are the days of your lives…

Seniors 2013 is our focus now. As I am slowly posting portraits of our high school representatives, I am still looking for a few more representatives from some surrounding school districts. If you or someone you know that will be a senior this coming year have them call me 9937-689-1123), check out our facebook page or go to our website( to fill out information to get a free session, free portraits, free photo art book as well as gift cards! I always love an adventure that is why I am a photographer and why I always have fun with my seniors!

I enjoy seeing families and little ones coming into the studio. This is one reason I am a photographer as I love to see the smiles (and tears) from not just the children but mom and dad too. I think family sessions remind the parents of the love they have for their family, even when mom is cleaning off her child’s face and dad is behind me making funny noises to get the child to look at the camera. Mental picture?! Right now I am booking for Red Bricks Photography, a summer picnic or tea party session for June and July. These sessions are only $50 for the sitting fee and the minimum order is only $200! Look on our facebook page for a sample portrait as well as other discounts throughout the year.

Red Bricks Photography is more than just a portrait studio. To highlight what other photography events we cover here are a few portraits from the last couple of months. We took part in a great bridal show with the Dayton Event Connection that Red Bricks Photography also belongs too. This year we also went to an event called Baby Baby Boom Boom that was focused on babies, if you could not figure that out! This spring I also assisted a friend of mine that setup a gallery with some of her henna art and I took some portraits for her to display. As this was days before I had my own baby I also took part in a henna session for her to display some maternity henna art. It was the first time I had henna art done and it was a blast! Speaking of parties, I have photographed many of birthday parties for babies age one on up to the Golden years, Silver anniversaries and more. If there is ever a need for business portraits, we are the place to go to, or we come to you! In the past we have done environmental portraits as well as group portraits. If you need a few commercial portraits done for your business I enjoy the subject change every so often. This spring for the second time assisted Miamisburg Vision Care with some advertisement for the eye doctors. Again I photographed my favorite local choir, the Madrigals who are part of the Miamisburg high school. Call and talk to us for your next event or business portraits. 937-689-1123

“How lucky can one guy be…” – Dean Martin

Wow what a year so far, I believe I am seeing white wedding dresses in my dreams. Here is a start to our year of weddings and engagements. In the next couple of months there will be more to come as I seem to be photographing a wedding almost every weekend. Such a sweet time for two people in love. I seem to notice a pattern, many of the portraits that I photograph brings smiles and tears to the ones photographed along with family and friends. Now off to get ready for a wedding this weekend!