Monthly Archives: March 2012

A Legacy of Love

The winter season is always an interesting time for portraits. You would think that you just get Christmas portraits, but throughout December you get some fun request. One of them being a brave group of girls showing off there football pride. But I also find the time to have some time to myself with my little lady, Luci for her holiday portraits and time to visit the hospital for a brand new baby. Not only does the studio, Red Bricks Photography offer newborn collections but I also photograph hospital birthing sessions. Of course this is a tasteful session as you can see from the few portraits of the newbie, Emrys. Little boys can be so much fun, or ornery when being photographed. Luckily all these little guys were wonderful, I just hope my new little guy, Leo that will be born here very shortly will be on the fun side like these little tikes and his sister Luci! It is always important to not forge t the family and the dog when it comes to getting portraits done, as they are all moments you don’t want to forget.

The Dayton Event Connection

During the month of Febuary Red Bricks provided a small booth at the The Dayton Event Connection, in Dayton. Such a wonderful group we have joined and partnered up with! If you are getting married and need more assistance with finding your vendors, talk to me and we will get you setup with them to find the other important people you will need the day of your wedding, even to schedule your honeymoon!

Operation Love ReUnited

Nothing warms my heart more than the Operation Love ReUnited sessions that I do. This is just what I needed this winter too. Not only did I do both of these sessions almost back to back, I also found out what a small world it is. Either one of the families knew each other except for the two soldiers training and deploying together. When the second one came in for their deployment session I told them I just did an Operation Love session a few days ago and found out they were leaving the same time. At that point is when it connected they were from the same unit, but one living locally in Miamisburg and the other in Hamilton. These findings are always so amazing to me so I decided I would pass this story on! I am glad to have such a faithful cliental out there to of picked Red Bricks Photography as there studio choice out of all their choices on the Operation Love ReUnited website.