Monthly Archives: January 2012

2013 Senior Program, Here we go!

Please visit this page to fill out your form! It is now that the time has come to give away some awesome discounts and sessions to the senior class of 2013.
If you have any problems with the form here, go to the website and fill it out there. Sorry ahead of time!

Freebie…I think so!

So with the new year, I always like to update my portrolio! This year my main focus is Boudiour, which is great as Valentines Day is coming up! If there are any ladies that would like a free session, valued at $100.00 I would like to provide one or two sessions to a couple of lucky ladies. With this session I will also give you a digital copy of 5-8 of the portraits. This can either be done in the comfort of your own home or in the studio with me, Mary as your photographer. Please call me at 937-689-1123 or email me at

New year…How it has been so far.

As we are already getting to the end of January I finally set down to say Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the first month of January has been treating you well. If you are in Ohio the weather isn’t to bad for January. Lets hope that stays that way! I would like to let everyone know (if not already!) that I am expecting my second child at the end of February! My husband David and I will be having a boy, Leo. So my 20 month old Luci will be a big sister. It will be a busy place around here to say the least. We are also doing “studio” work to keep this historic home going for many more years, so that is keeping me busy too. In the last few months I have painted a wall for a backdrop and just recently I went a little nutty and had some fun with a few new items for the studio. I look forward to hearing from everyone, ready to get my bebe collection families back in and see how the little ones have grown and much more!