Monthly Archives: July 2011

Operation Love ReUnited

As always a huge reason I became a photographer! Two wonder ful military wives and military mommas came to have me capture a moment for them to pass onto their husbands overseas. What is even more important to me is when I hear how the solider receiving there free book is surprised and says “How did you do this being able to hid this from me, I love all the portraits and can’t wait to be back with my girls!” Along with Operation Love I just joined two other volunteer photographer programs and can’t wait to photograph a session for each. Once I have I will defiantly share moments from them! Hopefully I will be able to share soon!

The Tassel is worth the Hassle. Seniors 2012

Just a couple of the Senior 2012 Representatives. Jessica and Ashley had a blast with their portraits, Jess decided to take the additional freebie and get her hair done at Urban Loft in Miamisburg right down the street from us! Our two featured ladies go to Centerville High School and Miamisburg High School, so hit them up for the rep discount from them for FREE wallets if you go to either of these schools or well if you can track them down! School is just around the corner so get your senior portraits done before school starts to get additional discounts at Red Bricks Photography! 937-689-1123

A Family is a Gift that Lasts forever…

One thing about being a photographer is you never know what you are going to be photographing and it changes each day! In the last few months I have gone from doing portraits as never forgotten Mother’s Day gift, portraits of the love between sisters and their longtime friend and dog, Buddy. As well as capturing the Haas family poolside to sitting at the fireplace in there lovely home. The adventures keep going to photographing my pride and joy Luci in the studio to try to live up to my “mom” and “photographer” duties of I must take a lot of portraits of my child since it is my job. Oh how I wish I had the time to live up to my Bebe Collection of portraits throughout the year of her!

Going to the Chapel…

So I had a chance to photograph a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! When I have a bride and groom that say you photograph what you want, that is a photographers dream. For this Cincinnati couple we had a great day with wonderful weather for a wedding. As always the reception was beautiful at Yankee Trace Golf Club! Congratulations to the newlyweds! I am keeping my fingers crossed that my upcoming weddings will be cooler for everyone!