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Blake-Miamisburg Senior

Blake-Miamisburg Senior.

Nathalie and Sal

Nathalie and Sal.

Jay and Jennifer Engagment

Jay and Jennifer Engagment.

Tis the wedding season!

So far we are off to a great start, our brides have been lucky having some great weather for engagments and the day of there weddings too. If you are off to a late start on booking your wedding vendors, we have some great late starter packages!

Gentle touch of love…

A little bit….

This is a dear friend of mine, but non the less a great client from wedding to now family photos. It is great making your clients your friends. Great perks! For there little one they decided

to get our Baby Plan. If you know someone expecting or you are this is a great deal with built in times of the year to not forget to get your babies portraits done! Look at the website, for more details on the baby plan. Even if you are already past newborn we extend the plan out further if you are late getting started on portraits!