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This is a little taste of the Center for Immersive Medical Education and Research, also where my husband works at too.
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In Memory…

This is not the fun part of my job, but it is what makes being a photographer meaningful in som many ways. During the year I worked with Matt and his family, he was a joy to be around and I am glad I got to know him.

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Did someone say baby?

At the studio we see all forms of babies coming in our door. Recently I had my second boston terrior come in with his “mommy” and “daddy” as well as some more well traditional babies.

Am I caught?

My train

These portraits are always so meaningful…

Here is some more Operation Love ReUnited portraits. This is from two different sessions. Both I found special, one of them the family had so much love and support I could see for there solider. Operation Love ReUnited Gary’s children loved there daddy so much,it almost brought a tear to my eye as I could see in front of me how excited they were for him to be home, but at the same time I could see all the respect from them that this is there true HERO! My second session I had a young couple where Rachel was thrilled and so nervous to see her boyfriend return home! But she was ready, with her red,white and blue outfit on to greet him properly or though she thought. To everyone’s surprise after a kiss and a hug we saw Dutch get down on one knee in the airport to ask her hand in marriage.Operation Love ReUnited This was a first for me seeing this at a OpLove session, and of course with me being a military wife myself again I was holding back those happy tears.
Operation Love ReUnited
Operation Love ReUnited

Operation Love ReUnited

Operation Love ReUnited

Ready for Rockin in 2010!

The studio recently went to our first BIG photography conference! I went to Nashville and had a blast, although did not see the town at all. I came back with alot of new knowledge as well as getting reminded alot of things, some great new ideas and spend some money on some goodies! Here are a few pics from the trip.

Imaging USAImaging USA

Jordan and Steph!!!

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