Monthly Archives: December 2009

Happy Holidays from Red Bricks Photography!

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At Red Bricks Photography we hope everyone has a joyful holiday season!

1# Ohio State Football Fan?

Eric is part has been coming to us for a year now, as he is finishing up being part of our “My First Year” Collection.  We saw his sister Leah a few years ago.  So as we did with her Ohio State football portraits we had to with Eric too!  But the question I ask, is he a number 1 fan?  The Anderson family has been a joy to work with and we look forward to seeing them in the future!

Our Seniors!!

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I felt that we weren’t giving our high school seniors any attention, so here is a collection of our seniors!!!

Happily Married!!

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Jane and Justin

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Ally and Matt

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Columbus engagment session

Recently I did one of our weddings for this next years engagements in Columbus.  Such a fun day we had, but I have to thank Justin and Jane for being such great subjects too.  I always like going to new places, I could of taken portraits into the evening.  Finally I had a chance to test out or “play” with different lighting, so there will be more “playing” coming within the next year too!  Congrats to Justin and Jane on your big day to come!

Operation Love ReUnited

Here are a few more portraits of the charity program that I work with for our U.S  Soldiers and there families.  Nicole and her kids will be seeing there daddy and husband home here soon, after a year it will be a special Christmas!

She is growing up!

At Red Bricks Photography it is offered to have 1 year portrait packages for your baby.  During that year your child receives so many sessions through the year for milestones, and then so many enlargements.  At the end of that year you receive a wall enlargement of a 16×20.  Little Ava came to me about a year ago know, this is part of her 9mth, so we will post a portrait of her 1 year portraits before you know it.  By the way this package makes a great baby shower gift!