Monthly Archives: November 2009

Been Busy!

So it has been awhile since the studio has posted, but here I am.  We are dealing with some changes, always good, but new at the same time.  I will be posting some of our beautiful fall sessions and soon to come Christmas.  Can you believe we are hearing holiday music in almost every store you walk in?  Well I love it but it does drive me crazy.  I have already gotten the Christmas props out and am getting orders for holiday cards!    I finally get a break from wedding season, although this time of year the studio is still busy.    Christmas portraits are officially in full swing.  It is time to hang our holiday banners outside!  So if you get a chance come visit.  December 12th is Miamisburgs holiday event, and we are doing family portraits as a gift for anyone that comes downtown that afternoon for the parade and to stop in the stores!  Look forward for the hectic season to start!

Red Bricks in the Year

Miamisburg Ohio Photography Red Bricks 2009

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Red Bricks Photography Wedding


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Red Bricks Engagment

Mandy and Chris Engagement Session!

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Red Bricks engagment sesssion

Dayton Ohio Red Bricks Photo engagment

Red Bricks Photography

Congrats you two!!!

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