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No longer traditional any more!

I know there haven’t been many viewer yet to the blog, but when we acutually go live coming up in days, this August there will be many more visitors!  I am sure everyone has seen the new image, new logo, new site.  I thank all my past clients for there support watching us grow.  To the new lookers I look forward to talking to you to see what I can do to make your portraits a style of there own.  It is a passion of mine, I enjoy every minute of my sessions, I hope you do to.  Thank you for visiting our NEW blog!

Red Bricks Photography

Running with the bubbles!

Red Bricks Photography

moment of piece…

Red Bricks Photography (formerly Traditional Portraits) is Entering the Digital Age

So, if you haven’t noticed Traditional Portraits is becoming Red Bricks Photography. This means we have a new, more modern logo and image but it also means we move into the 21st century with a blog, a Facebook page, and a Myspace. We want to stay connected to our clients in ways that match what they enjoy: social networking. This blog will be a place where you can read about our recent shoots and see the most recent work. Clients can also enjoy seeing some of the highlights of their session only a few days after the shoot. Enjoy!

Recent Shoots

June engagement sessionAnother romantic moment from June

Some romantic moments from recent shoots.

Hello world!

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